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Adurite is the world's #1 marketplace for buying Roblox items, limited edition items, and robux. Through a unique interface, users can purchase robux and items for the cheapest prices available anywhere online and sign up to sell their items and robux for the lowest fees without the lengthy hassle of most Roblox marketplaces. Cash out your inventory with the fastest and most reliable platform today!

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Join millions of players from across the world and start earning R$ today. You can also find daily free robux promo codes in our popular Discord server.

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You can easily get robux by downloading apps, completing surveys, or watching videos. As of early April 2023 we have started hosting giveaways every hour.

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When you are ready to withdraw your earnings we offer players the ability to redeem their robux via group fund payouts, gift cards, and toy codes.

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Recent Earnings

Earned 4 ROBUX from Wall 4
4 Robux
Earned 22.4 ROBUX from Wall 3
22.4 Robux
Earned 10 ROBUX from Wall 4
10 Robux
Earned 53.55 ROBUX from Wall 3
53.55 Robux
Earned 18.2 ROBUX from Wall 3
18.2 Robux